Priced to Sell!


 Dangers of Over Pricing

 Many potential buyers won't even look, thinking it's out of their price range.

 Those buyers who do look are shopping by comparison, and looking at your home may convince them to make an offer on another property.

 Since an appraisal is often required in financing a property, it is futile to price a home for more than it's worth.

Often buyers ask, "How long has it been on the market?" Overpricing makes it shopworn and buyers wonder what's wrong with it. The longer the market time, usually the lower the selling price.  

 Overpricing tends to dampen the salesperson's enthusiasm, resulting in fewer showings.


Benefits of Proper Pricing 

The proper price results in a faster sale, which saves on mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, and carrying costs.

When salespeople are excited about a property and price, they make a special effort to contact all their potential buyers and show whenever possible.

Buyer inquiries are more likely to result in showing appointments when priced right.

When priced right, the market produces a higher sales price in less time, netting you more with lower carrying costs.

Don't choose an agent by the highest list price. I will give you the Best Marketing Plan with a suggested list price based on comparative sales within the last year.