While there are larger lakes in the state, the man-made lakes of Freeman and Shafer are unequaled anywhere in Indiana because the two dams maintain a nearly constant water level in the lakes throughout the year. With the completion of Norway Dam in 1923 just north of Monticello, and Oakdale Dam in 1925 a few miles south of Monticello, the framework was set for the Twin Lakes area to become one of the largest vacation spots in the Midwest. The lakes offer something for everyone, from speed boating, waverunning, fishing, swimming and sailing. The lakes are home to numerous summer cottages and many year-round homes as well as an abundance of resorts and commercial enterprises. With their central location between Indianapolis and Chicago, Lake Shafer and Lake Freeman are the best kept secret in real estate values. Purchasing a home on one of these lakes will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!